Pointing Out the Obvious

See, this is how new and oblivious I am.

As I was sewing up that first placemat on Saturday afternoon, I couldn’t figure out how anyone ever quilts intricate patterns, in a straight line, or even in the right place. I picked spots that looked “about right,” and it shows. With the piece seams, I can at least use the 1/4″ mark on the machine and sort of aim for that. But quilting itself? Flying blind.

This is because I was unaware of The Fabric Marker.  There are evidently a wide variety of these things, all with their relative pros and cons. Whether or not they’ll work on the fabric you have in mind is something only testing will determine. Some markers require water to remove, some fade into thin air, some can be rubbed out – but none are guaranteed to work on all fabrics, of course.

I hate testing. It requires extra time and I always, always want to just fricking do it already. The few times I used Nair, I never tested on a patch of leg hair to ensure to adverse reactions would occur. Carpet spot removers? Damn the inconspicuous spot – Full speed ahead. But ok, alright; for a quilt I’m going to spend dozens of hours on? Fine. I’ll test.

So apparently, after we test to ensure the mark is not permanent, we use it to outline where our quilting is going to go. Nifty!

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