Foraying Further

I’ve mentioned before my interest in hand-piecing, as it seems slower, more easy-going, potentially less frustrating… and perhaps potentially a bit more bloody. I’m pretty much stuck in bed tonight with a destroyed lower back (I bent over this morning to pet a cat, whatever was I thinking?) so it might be a good time to get started on that. Maybe I can coerce Mike into helping me ferry some supplies upstairs…

First stumbling block I predict: having to remember how to tie knots to start and stop a seam. I haven’t done this since 7th grade home economics! I bet my seam allowances are more consistent, though, but my stitch size will be wildly erratic.

Stay tuned, shenanigans ahead!

Less than one hour later: Screw this. Hand-piecing (at this particular moment) is neither calming nor meditative. It is fricking infuriating, chiefly because I have no idea what I’m doing. I need a class.

Also, it is not at all satisfying to try and throw a quilting block at a wall., Inc

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