The Disease Spreads, in More Ways Than One

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There are two of us Erins at work, and neither of us is your typical girly-girl.

She just bought a sewing machine, too. This is completely awesome news and I can’t wait to see what she starts making. Off we go, shattering stereotypes with a vengeance.

Also, I’d been basing my tentative sewing operations out of our dining room, which was sub-optimal on a number of levels. Today, whilst I was at work, Mike made me a really snazzy sewing area in what has been our guest bedroom. Sweet!

Sewing Table

Sewing Table

Yes, it’s made out of empty cat litter containers and a finished sheet of plywood, but it’s huge! Yay! I could throw together a table cloth for it, even (and by “throw together,” I mean “spend 10 hours on,”) but would that be kind of meta?

He even wired up an overhead work lamp. After he’d set it up, I was looking at what such a thing might have cost us – HOLY SHIT. Sewing tables are crazy expensive. Some of the larger ones are close to $2,000! The tiny, basic ones seem to be at least $200-300. This strikes me as absurd. Of course, there has been precious little of this process that doesn’t strike me that way.

The bed is taking up too much room, though, so I can’t get the ironing board close enough to the chair at the moment, and I don’t reckon we’ll often have over-sleeping guests… so we may shuffle the bed into my existing office and move my office into the new sewing room. This is sad news for Mike, who spent approximately $TEXAS hours running ethernet to my existing office. And he’d want to run the nets to the other room, should I move my office there. Poor, poor Mike Neir!

Trouble is, my current office has the best view of the back yard, which I absolutely adore and am hard-pressed to give up:

Our back yard

Our back yard

It may not look like much, but our yard makes me inordinately happy to look down upon. I suspect, though, I’ll have to admire it from the new guest bedroom, and not from my office/sewing room, unless Mike can find a way to put a window viewing the back yard into a room in the front of the house…

Of course, it also has epic plaid wallpaper from the previous owners – although my eyes have attenuated it to the point I don’t notice it much anymore. The new sewing room has almost-shag light sage carpeting, with lighter green walls and… a pink, flowered border topped by pink paint to the ceiling. Hey, at least it matches the sewing machine! (ARRRRGH!) New paint forthcoming, soon.

Still, my boyfriend pretty much rules.


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5 responses to The Disease Spreads, in More Ways Than One

  1. Agreed, Mike rules.

    I can’t wait till I get my machine. 5-10 biz days. I already have like 4 projects I want to do. And 9 whole days off in a row in Sept in which to play. Yippee!

  2. Erin

    Awesome! What are some of the projects you’ve got lined up? Also, TOO MANY BUSINESS DAYS! Hurry up, Overstock!

  3. Ahh women and their womanly things. So cute. Oh and, Mike FTW!

  4. Lisa

    I know how expensive those sewing centers are!! I have an online quilting friend who, many years ago, was pining over a huge, fantastical sewing center online. It’s cost???? $4,000 plus shipping!

    At some later time, I mentioned this to my Dad and he was like, let me see that thing!! So he used his carpentry skills and built me a replica of the $4k center!!! It is huge and massive and I got to choose the sizes of everything, like the chest of drawers and the spacing between shelves up top!!

  5. I made a page with a list of stuff I have thought of that I want to do.

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