Easy Towels Are Easy… Except When They're Not.

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The lesson I’ve learned tonight is, “the really nice, thick, waffley-weave kitchen towels are really, really hard to tame on the machine.”

The fabric moves and morphs and shifts and stretches and HOLY SHIT even if I manage to be going in a straight line for once, the towel is going in another direction entirely. Thus, the nice, thick, waffley-weave towels will have to stay tuned until I’m better at this. Fortunately, this new red towel is just for my own little kitchen, where I won’t fret about it being out of whack:

Towel Set

Towel Set

The prepwork isn’t even bad for these – lay out the desired patches, whack them into six-inch strip widths, whack the strips into the desired lengths, sew together, press and pin to the towel. The pressing is still kicking my ass, though – trying to press a very small seam allowance into a straight line while one side is already attached to the towel is difficult.

TIP: I did discover a little device to help me keep the seam allowances in check as I near the ends of seams – it’s called a “bamboo stiletto” or some such, and is basically a long, skinny, terribly sharp piece of bamboo that one can skewer the last tidbit of fabric with as it approaches the needle. It keeps fingers safely out of harm’s way, and works better because it can poke through the first layer of fabric. I’d imagine a pin would also work, although it would be harder to hold onto.

Anyhow, here’s a photo of my layout process, too, wherein I try to get a feel for what I might like:



I’m going to try to tackle the enormous floursack towels next – but not tonight.

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2 responses to Easy Towels Are Easy… Except When They're Not.

  1. ooh, those are neat. does the addition of the patch strips help keep the waffly towel fabric from getting out of shape when you wash them? I have a bunch of waffly kitchen towels that shrank up all funny and miss-shapen the first time I washed them 🙁

  2. Erin

    actually, i have no earthly idea – i haven’t washed any of them yet. 😀 i’ll let you know tho.

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