Yup – this bag is definitely above my pay grade.

I’m not quite sure it would be worth the trouble, even if I did it perfectly.

I like the long strap, I like the fact is has a closing flap (which I attached inside out and backwards the first time,) and the pockets are nice… it’s a nice size… it’s just so fussy. There’s a bunch of cutting, the directions weren’t easy for me (the newb) to foll0w… I don’t know. I’m ambivalent. It’s cute. There are a couple of design elements I’d like to improve upon (why not attach the top clip strap before sewing the liner to the outer shell so the stitches don’t show?) but it’ll be awhile before I want to trouble myself with this again.

Here’s a shot of it with the flap open, so you can see the pockets, clip straps and such. Since it was just a sample bag that’s going to get ripped apart, I didn’t bother wasting the thread and fabric to do the straps all perfectly. Strangely, I kind of like the pink floral liner.

Meh Bag

Meh Bag

I don’t reckon it was worth shedding blood over, but that was bound to happen at one point or another. 🙂

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