Variety in Fabrics

Somewhere, I read a line something quite like the following: “Be sure you have plenty of solid fabrics in your stash – if all you have is a bunch of crazy/adorable prints, you’ll leave yourself nowhere to go.”

I seem to be running into that problem currently. While I’ve started rounding out my “large print” collection, I don’t have a great deal of solids to choose from. Fortunately, those tend to be fairly cheap, and I can get them at JoAnn without difficulty.

A solid color, either in blocks or sashes, can keep a quilt from becoming Too Busy or overwhelming. Take this one, which I personally think is too much:

Skillful, but wow

Skillful, but wow

While the skill and design is pretty impressive… there’s just no breathing room. My eyes don’t have anywhere to rest. It’s busy.

Whereas this one is a bit too sparse – that was intended, and it’s fine, but still – a lot of white (I do really like her quilting lines in this one, too:)

Sparse Stars

Sparse Stars

This one, from the same creator as the stars quilt above, is more balanced:



It’s still quite a lot of white (I think she’s in that stage right now,) but there’s enough color to keep it interesting.

Designing a quilt is not an easy thing… I’m not sure which is harder – picking out an attractive layout in terms of color and pattern balance, or sewing the thing together.

Soon to find out!

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