"Show Us Your Stash"

Judy from Patchwork Times asked to see her readers’ stashes. Oh my.

Some of these folks are amazingly organized with vast libraries of fabric. Take, for example, her own stash. Holy. Smokes.

Given I’ve been at this for, what… maybe two months?… I have accumulated more than I would have expected. Well, here are my piles and hangings of fabrics that pass for a “stash” thus far (one of her admonishments was “no cleaning or tidying.” Some stuff you can’t see, cuz it’s buried.

The sparse little shelves with my fat quarters on them, and a bunch of strips I pressed and cut yesterday.

FQ Shelves

FQ Shelves

New stuff I haven’t yet pressed and love looking at, so it’s hanging out here for now:

Wall Hangings

Wall Hangings, Floor Dog

Sheets shoved on closet floor, actual fabrics hanging up:



Someday, I’ll figure out how to organize all this stuff.


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4 responses to "Show Us Your Stash"

  1. Since you’re a newbie you have the advantage now of looking at everyone else’s stash storage and picking and choosing what will work for you!

  2. I agree with Kare – this is perfect timing for you. Look at everyone’s stash and see what works for you. What fun! blessings, marlene

  3. Lisa

    I’m always amazed and aghast at some people’s STASHES!!! Some take up entire rooms! I wish I had a whole room for my sewing….. either when we buy another house OR when Elizabeth goes to college. hehehe

  4. Erin

    Kare and Marlene – Hi! Indeed, I’m taking notes as I look around. 😀 Lisa, Elizabeth will be off to college before you know it… how crazy is that?!

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