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The Things I Do Not Know Could Stop a Team of Oxen in Its Tracks

In the interest of conservation, I’ve generally never used Kleenex in my adult life (read why here.) Working on eliminating the disposable items in our household is of [..]

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Basting. Are you kidding me?

I’ve never had an aversion to needles. You can see my veins from space, so blood draws on me have always been easy, low-stress affairs for both the [..]

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Well, off to a good start

When Mike’s alarm went off at 7am, well before the sun was up, my brain woke up. And wouldn’t go back to sleep! Nooooooo! I’d planned to sleep [..]


The New Phone Book's Here!

Wait… am I the only one who remembers that scene from “The Jerk?” If so, you all think I’m genuinely excited about phone books, but that’s actually not [..]

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Why is it…

…whenever I have new fabric to wash, it is immediately preceded by having washed something absolutely covered in dog hair, resulting in a very hairy dryer? Oh, right. [..]


Hand Quilting

I haven’t been hugely interested in hand quilting thus far. It’s something that’s been in the back of my mind, but my lack of confidence and even stitches [..]

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Back in the Saddle

Tonight, I cut up the Kansas Troubles Snow Blossoms fat quarters to quickly put together the quilt for my mom. I fell completely in love with these fabrics [..]

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Design Wall Monday

When I took a photo of my design wall Saturday night, this what what I planned to post: I got frak-all accomplished this week, thanks to the headache. [..]


Sunday Stash Addendum

I saw this and may have to obtain some for my friend, Ani:

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Sunday Stash

Many of us, it seems, quite lose our senses when it comes to pretty fabrics. We derive such pleasure from simply looking at them, contemplating the possibilities of [..]

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