Two Recommended Recipes

I made dinner for Mike and one of his friends tonight, and thought I’d share the recipes.

The first is a veggie lasagna I stumbled upon via Google, as I was searching for something meat-free, but still filling and delicious, to serve. Justin is newly-vegetarian, I’m vegetarian, but Mike eats meat and I didn’t want either of them to walk away hungry. This, plus roasted sweet potatoes and a side of green veggies, did just the trick:

Non-cream-sauce veggie lasagna

I would change several things about the lasagna next time. The no-boil noodles are really convenient, and they were also tasty; however, they are substantially thinner than standard lasagna noodles, and I think I prefer the wavy edges. The cauliflower is a little strong, and Mike doesn’t like it – so I’ll leave that out next time. I added mushrooms, and even though I sauteed them until most of their moisture was evaporated, the lasagna was still a bit too wet for my liking. Thus, I’d reduce the tomato sauce. I added some herbs (rosemary, thyme, basil and oregano,) though the recipe doesn’t call for any, but I did not add enough. More next time!

The second comes from Judy at Patchwork Times – this bread is moist, dense, aromatic and delicious. The batter almost didn’t make it into the oven… so tasty! I would up the ginger and allspice a bit on this, but other than that – perfection.

Pumpkin Gingerbread

It’s so satisfying, cooking for hungry boys, especially when untested recipes turn out well. 🙂


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