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Note: My work week now begins on Sundays, and I haven’t quite adjusted to it yet. When I wrote this late last night (Saturday night,) I was fully convinced today would be Monday, and Judy would have the Design Wall post up, and wasn’t I clever for having it pre-made? Sigh.

I keep finding these little niggley issues – various ways to fail at being a “natural sewer.”  Currently, I’m looking at the Hello Betty coin stacks I threw hastily together earlier in the week, and hacked up tonight, and I discovered a new sewing-related problem; apparently, I’m no good at being “random.” I may have to rip out a few seams to prevent solid stripes of the same fabric and/or color across the entirety of the top.  Boo, hiss. I plan to use the small, left-over strip as part of a pieced back stripe. I’m going to use solid white for the sashing, haven’t decided yet on the border(s,) and a nice yellow for the backing.

Hello Betty Coin Stacks

Hello Betty Coin Stacks

I also laid out the “Garden Party” FQ’s from Anna Maria Horner:



I can’t bear to think about cutting them into small pieces… I want them to show themselves off in big, giant swaths, because many of the patterns are writ large, requiring half the fat quarter itself to play itself out. Heck, for a moment, I considered just stitching the fat quarters themselves together without cutting them at all. I may be willing to compromise, however, and sash 8″ or 10″ blocks of them with the Kona Charcoal.

Part of the plan today was also to put together this adorable apron pattern I picked up yesterday:

The Peggy

The Peggy

Cute, right? “One size fits most.” Being larger than “most,” I figured I’d have to fudge it a bit and add some of my own fabric around the bust and hips, probably. I was wholly unprepared, however. for the tininess about to confront me when I unpacked it:

Uh, what?

Um, seriously?

The fabric across the bust (which goes fully under the armpits of the drawing on the front) measures an astonishing twelve inches. Twelve? Seriously? Doesn’t anyone have boobs anymore? Holy cow.

The pattern is now wadded up and thrown disgustedly onto a closet shelf. I don’t need an apron giving me lip about my size. Seriously. Oh sure, I could eat better and exercise more, but if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it.

EDIT: It’s actually Monday now, and there’s something else on my wall today, too:

Anna pieces

Anna pieces

This will be a lotus brick path of one sort or another – I haven’t decided if I want to do diagonal stripes of similar colors, or just darks, or just completely random. I have 278 blocks to arrange – jinkies!

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9 responses to Design Wall Monday

  1. I wouldn’t change the coin strips. Sometimes random means they fall right next to each other. And in the last picture I don’t see great swaths of color going across the coins…go for it. (love the colors of the fat quarters and can’t wait to see what you do with them.)

  2. I wouldn’t change the coins, either, they look random to me. And I love your fat quarters. I have some large flower print that I am cutting into 8″ squares and then surrounding it with a kind of bento block strip. It makes a 10″ block and put together with similar blocks will, I hope, make for a beautiful top. I think your fat quarters would do that as well and show off the prints nicely.

  3. I don’t like it when thing are made for underweights! I vote to use the panel as a quilt backing like one of my blogging friends does!

  4. I think your randomness looks fine. Argh on the apron! I am sure you will figure something out.

    Have fun with the Lotus Bricks.

  5. Ma

    Erin, Would you be the same person who was a darmed good LPN in Kansas some years ago? If so, I have some news for you. Contact me. Love your blog so far.

  6. Love the colours on your design wall projects!
    Maybe you could make up that apron for a niece/child for Christmas…12″???
    Wouldn’t fit any women I know!

  7. Keep the random coins, looks great to me. The new item on wall , looks cool too.
    On the apron, remember in the those days the poor women wore gridles. My mother 104 soaking wet wore one in the day, CRAZY.

  8. I totally get the need to unpick. There’s random and then there’s organized random!

  9. Erin

    Thanks, everyone! I’m glad things are looking good to unbiased eyes. 😀 The apron has not been gazed upon since, but a Christmas gift is a good idea. Ma, while I was studying to be a nurse for awhile – that’s not me, sorry!

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