That is how many 4.5″ x 7.5″ pieces can be cut from a fat quarter bundle, leaving assorted strips and small scraps.

It took me four and a half hours, but I’m done.

Anna Maria Pieces

Anna Maria Pieces

Strips, scraps, and an enormous pile of strings:

(This is only half)

(This is only half)

I’m sure this happens frequently to quilters trying to come up with a design, but I was agonizing with what I wanted to do with this fabric. Then, I saw it – I knew it was perfect. It has pieces large enough to show off most of the patterns, but small enough not to be overwhelming.

Man, I hope this works…

I didn’t read the instructions – I didn’t want to be discouraged by potential intricacies. I just started cutting.

I needed 198 blocks for 72″ x 72″ quilt, and I’ve got nearly 100 more than that – but I’m not sure what the finished size will be – math is not my forte.

Now, I have to find a place to lay them out, find the pattern I like and then… somehow… stack the blocks in such a way as to remember how to sew them together.

This is going to take me quite a long time to complete, I suspect.

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