Move in with a geek, if you can swing it

“So, I have a math question for your big, giant brain.”

“A math question?” <arched eyebrow>

“For quilting.” (“Oh, of course,” he thinks….) “So… if a pattern originally calls for 198 blocks, laid out in 11 rows and 18 columns… and I have 278 blocks… how many rows and columns would I need to lay out to have it maintain its proportion?”


My brain doesn’t do well with math lingo and concepts. Sometimes, I fear turning into my mother, unable to form actual meaningful sentences when it comes to anything having to do with technology. I reframe the question in perhaps a half-dozen different ways, until it resembles something sensical.

14 x 20 is pretty close, I’m told. Mike Neir the EngiNeir. Ha, he is going to kill me.

But being killed is going to save me an awful lot of sewing…

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