A Giveaway and a wonderful blog

I’ve been following links posted on other blogs, and my Google Reader is brimming with creative, clever, fantastic women who enjoy quilting, sewing, and other craft-related activities. It’s … I guess “gratifying” to find like-minded people. Often, quilters seem to be pet lovers, concerned about the environment, lovers of food and cooking, explorers of photography… lots of things I’m interested in myself. Funny how our communities overlap.

The most recent blog I’ve discovered is The Quilting Cat. I love the kitty on the ironing board and the boxer mix doing pushups. 🙂 As someone who came in to find a kitty lying on my current project, and whose dogs like to find various ways to “help,” seeing pets in other quilting environments makes me grin.

At any rate, she’s doing a giveaway on her blog – sign up for the chance to win treats!

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Posts at least a little bit like this one:


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