The Things I Do Not Know Could Stop a Team of Oxen in Its Tracks


In the interest of conservation, I’ve generally never used Kleenex in my adult life (read why here.) Working on eliminating the disposable items in our household is of continual concern, because environmental conservation is very important to me. Still, I’ve been blowing my nose in toilet paper, which is sub-optimal.

Harking back to my childhood, I remembered my dad always carried a hanky. Depositing one’s snot in one’s pocket is off-putting for some, but having cut up road-killed deer and elk, cleaned up rotting llama and emu carcasses and shoveled more poop than I care to think about, a little mucous isn’t going to put a dent in my sensibilities.

In the interests of having something pretty, I picked up some vintage hankies on eBay. A bunch came together in a pack, and there were one or two singles. One, a particularly delicate specimen with a bit of lace on the corner, arrived quite a bit smaller than I expected it to be. I wasn’t particularly concerned, but mentioned it to the seller. Her response?

“I’m sorry it was smaller than expected; I never want to ruin the original fold, so I was guessing.”

Uh, “Ruin the original fold?”

So, basically, I am probably going Straight to Hell for blowing my nose in it and putting it in the washing machine?

I can see it now… Dante’s fourth circle of hell.

Me: “So, what are you in for?”

Hoarder and/or Waster: “Not sharing food with a starving baby. You?”

Me: “Washed a vintage hankie.”

H/W: “Get out of my sight.”


So much for your original fold.

So much for your "original fold."

Some of the hankies are quite lovely, though. This one is my favorite:

Climbing Yellow Flowers

Climbing Yellow Flowers

Here are a few of the rest:

Yaller flowers

Yaller flowers



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3 responses to The Things I Do Not Know Could Stop a Team of Oxen in Its Tracks

  1. ‘Youz’ so funny! And I so sympathize with your basting post, too! Really, 7 hours? on your knees? on the floor? Major pain everywhere! *smile*

  2. Erin

    Really, seven hours on my knees, butt, side… any position I could conceivably shift myself into! I was pretty stiff and sore the next day, but it’s over and done with now, thankfully.

    Thanks for the kind words!

  3. Hee! I love your hankies, they are so pretty!

    I’ve finally gotten over my fear and am using mine. The first time I blew my nose in the prettiest white hankie with beautiful pink embroidered flowers I was a little afraid though. Like, “I hope my boogers don’t stain this tiny, embroidered piece of history.”

    (They didn’t. 😀 )

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