One of my secret pleasures is driving around at night and seeing houses light up with their curtains open, allowing me to catch a glimpse, a moment of the lives inside. I might see a person working in the kitchen, or sitting in a recliner reading the paper, art or photos on the walls, the colors they’ve used in decorating. I love those moments, especially in winter.

I imagine what their lives might be like, what troubles or pleasures they’re experiencing currently, what might be for dinner. I wonder and imagine until the next house passes, and I crane my neck to see what vignette I might be able to spot for the two or three seconds I’m passing by. If it weren’t a complete invasion of privacy (and probably illegal,) I’d love to photograph some of these moments – not for any bizarre, kinked up purposes, but because I find them artful and fascinating, a spur to the imagination.

Most of us, when blogging, post only the photos we’ve carefully gone over, or at least selected the best of the shots we managed to take of our subject. Some of us edit out extraneous details, some fiddle in Photoshop. Amy has asked for us to post some everyday moments from our lives. I don’t have a lot of those stockpiled at the moment, but here are two that can pass for the time being:

Foggy Fall Morning

Foggy Fall Morning

Clown Quilt Top

Clown Quilt Top

I’m going to try to aim for one vignette photo per day, something that gives insight to our lives or a different perspective on something common. Or maybe just the state of the kitchen, the fishtank or the yard. Something that might connect us.

Of course, anything a camera points at will be altered by the lens, but we can try to get close to an unadulterated moment, right?

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