Hear Ye, Hear Ye

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Ladies & Gentlemen (seriously, I know at least three dudes read this:)

I have an important announcement to make.

I do not like getting up and going to work at 6:30am in the morning on Sundays.

Having just gone into the restroom (and thusly gazed in the mirror for the first time this morning,) I found myself looking like I’d just crawled out of bed after a three-day bender. My shift is nearly half-over, and I’ve been running around and speaking to people as if I didn’t look like a heroin addict. My co-workers are such kind young men not to look at me like as if I were the crazy older lady I actually am. They don’t make conspicuous, amazed glances at my bangs standing on end or matted to my head as we have conversations.They don’t even make surreptitious glances, at least not that I’ve caught.

I believe I’ve let my times at the wolf sanctuary and at the alpaca ranch, the times when I wore Carhatts and ballcaps all day, the times when make-up was not only not required but mock-worthy, the times when it was not unusual to have several different animal bodily fluids caked on my person all at once, the time when how I looked was the least of my concerns… go a bit too far. Perhaps it is time for me to rejoin polite society and wear a little lipstick now and then.

Not ever having been a girly-girl, I’m still not good at The Girly Stuff. The make-up. The clothing. The daintiness. The sewing. The shoes. All of it is somewhat of a mystery. But I’m plumbing new depths lately, dammit, as I stumble headlong into middle-age (SHRIEK!) and it’s a route I’ve only cursorily perused – Once, for nearly a year, I dressed up and did heat-related things to my hair a few times a week. I wore mascara and eyeliner daily! Never really got the hang of it.

I’ll ponder this grave decision and see what I come up with.

That is all, carry on.

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5 responses to Hear Ye, Hear Ye

  1. I have never been able to get into the whole ‘girly-girl’ hair/makeup/clothes/etc thing either. I think its because I was raised by my father.

  2. Erin

    Yeah, I’ve never wanted to, never been into it, always a tomboy, etc.

    But I figure there’s probably a middle ground of “looking halfway decent, not like a hobo.” 😉

  3. Lisa

    Yaknow…. there was a time when you were knowledgable about this stuff!!! In high school, your mom kept you well stocked in Clinique stuff and how to use it! And I remember one time, one morning as we waited for the bus, you looked really close at me and said something like, “Are you wearing eye liner with NO EYE SHADOW?!?!” Or maybe it was the shadow w/out eye liner….

    You know what you NEED??? You need my daughter to come spend a week with you!! She’s really good with hair and makeup and fashion… she’s everything I never was, that’s for sure. I still don’t know how she turned out like this! But she cuts and styles friends hair and is amazing with makeovers. And she loves being my personal shopper.

  4. Erin

    Lis – I was probably parroting something my mother had harped on me about, actually. I did that a lot. :-\ She bought me all that stuff, but neither of us knew what to do with it, I don’t think. Send Elizabeth up for a week to school me. 😉

  5. Elle Clark

    Honestly cannot be bothered with the make-up thing! I think the last time I even made an effort with make-up was my cousins wedding and had to use the all natural stuff due to my sensitive skin. You get what you see!

    And you are not the only one with pet hair on you. I try to keep it to a minimum, especially with wearing black, but they have fur! Anyway, I think looking good does not equal make-up and working too hard. I like cooking, crafts, etc. but the spending a hour on my hair and/or make-up is alien to me! I figure if I let my inner spiritual light shine, those who I care that are looking will see it!

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