Design Wall Monday

I’m home with some kind of “knock-me-on-my-ass” head/intestinal thing that doesn’t feel like the flu, but sure has some of the same symptoms. I’m unamused.

Once some of the more severe, ahem, “intestinal distress” passes, I’m hoping I can use the time to work on Mom’s hand-stitched quilt, but focusing isn’t fun for my eyes at the moment. Man, I would hate to waste a whole day doing nothing. 😐 I’m in full-bore OMG Mode for Christmas presents now – no time for fun design walls and whatnot, alas. Part of what I’m working on, though, is this:


Hexagons - or was that obvious?

These are for gifts I’m working on. I’ve seen so many people extolling the virtues of hexies, they’re “addictive,” they’re “SO MUCH FUN!!” they’re “wonderfully creative…” but I don’t know about all that for me, personally. I do like the end result on the little gifts I’m making, though, so I’m putting them together when I have time, employing my own lame way of basting them together so the bastes still hold even when I have to wrassle out the Teflon template.

You’d think I could outsmart a small bit of plastic. You’d be wrong.

I’m crawling back to bed now, pulling the covers over my head and pouting.

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  1. I have made two grandmother’s flower garden blocks, for two different BOMs, and each time I have sworn I would never do another. I love what they look like but I don’t love doing them. Not addictive in this house.

  2. Erin

    Glad to hear I’m not the only one. 🙂

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