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Only one real thing of note arrived this week: A layer cake of Snippets, by American Jane. Please forgive the absolute crap light here – I snapped it very quickly and didn’t check it until I’d put everything away again. Bad, Bad Erin!

Snippets by American Jane

Snippets by American Jane

These are adorable. So retro, I can’t even contain myself. I’m not wild about the red colorway, but the green and blue knock my socks off. These fabrics scream “APRONS,” right? I’d just need to settle in on one or two for Actual Yardage.  And find the perfect pattern, which I have yet to do. And figure out how to use a pattern. And And And.

In stash use news, I used a Kansas Winter layer cake to put together another quilt top for a Christmas gift, but HOLY WOW did I ever screw it up in multiple places. I don’t know if I wasn’t watching my pinning carefully enough or what, but there are six places where the edges got away from me, leaving a hole in the top. WTF, me?! They’ll require repair, but I don’t think it’ll require ripping everything out.

Not to say I didn’t have to rip anything out. I once again managed to sew right side to wrong side, the entire length of the seam, before I caught myself. Rip, rip, rip. I just wasn’t on my game Friday. Saturday was largely a wash, as other things came up that demanded my time. I did, however, get a panel and a half done on Mom’s quilt. I’ve been using this big, oval hoop (please forgive the enormity of the photo:)



The hoop’s 18″ x 27″, and while it does do a very nice job of keeping things from getting all bunchy, it also makes it difficult to reach some parts of the panel, and I’m finding it hard to determine just the right amount of looseness – if it’s as tight as a drum, I can’t stitch properly.

In that photo, you can see the two different levels of basting – in the center panel, the meticulous BASTEBASTEBASTEOMGBASTE. That was only an hour or two into the basting process. The bottom red panel, however, was much later in the game, around hour 6, I think. That was more along the lines of EFFTHISWANTTOBEDONENOW. There most definitely is bunching on the back flannel, but I am beyond caring.

I truly wish I could find more of the Snow Blooms line – It seems to be a dying breed, alas. I’d especially love to get my hands on some of the maroon stuff at the left of the photo. The caramels are so deep and warm, the blues deep and soothing, the reds not too vibrant – it’s dreamy. The bottom left panel is something I grabbed at Joann’s for another project and didn’t end up using. I needed a few additional light panels for this project, and I think it fit in quite well.

There are 12 out of 28 panels done – I’m getting close to halfway! Woot! Then, the binding. The dreaded, damnable binding.

But let’s not think about that, shall we?

Today, Barbara and The Other Erin are coming over after work for a little sewing bee. Both Erin and I still need help with the basics. I’m bumbling along, doing things whatever way I’ve managed to make them work (or sort-of work,) and I think Barbara will be able to offer good advice, as always. Some days, I still feel like, “Uh, so as I understand things, the needle and thread go into the fabric? And then they come back out, you say? Fascinating.”

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  1. Girl you make me laugh… Thanks!

  2. Binding… time to learn a new way. I will haunt you until you try. Why? Because I wish someone had told me on my first few quilts.

    Check this one out.

  3. your post is priceless, I had to read it twice I laughed so much!! Love the American Jane–you play with it and I’ll watch!! Me, a fabric voyeur!

  4. Erin

    Howdy – happy to hear it! 😀

    Rochelle – Ok, ok – I surrender! I’ll watch the video and I’ll try it. I promise. Really!

    Lori – fabric voyeur! A new kink I never knew existed, but I suspect I’m a little like that, too. 😉

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