Right Then, Back to Sanity

Or sanity “such as I know it.”

Yesterday, Mike Neir decided we needed, like right now, a pair of the new Motorola Droid phones.

This is the coolest, slickest, most intuitive phone upon which I have ever laid my hands.

Mail, calendars, email, Facebook, Twitter, Maps, Latitude… everything is integrated. The interface is easy to use. It’s smart. It does stuff, just like the ads say. It’s a bit bigger and heavier than most people’s phones, but both Mike’s old phone and mine were monsters, anyhow.

Last night, we both spent hours finding new features and abilities and giggling like schoolgirls. It can control our MythTV setup! There’s an EVE tool! Full-screen HD video!

The battery life could be a bit better, the keyboard is not as easy to use as my Treo (hated everything else about that phone, though,) but man – the designers of this phone Get It.


I promise to have Actual Sewing/Quilting Content soon!

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2 responses to Right Then, Back to Sanity

  1. Lulz. First it was the Blackberry Invasion (me, Ani, Benny, Phil M., Jay Allen.. dunno who else) and now its the Droid Invasion at LW.

  2. Erin

    no kidding! 🙂 the blackberry is really cool, and would have been a strong candidate when i would have finally thrown the treo out the window, but man… when i saw this, i fell in love. yay for toys we like!

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