Sunday morning anti-stash report

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There was very little stash activity this week, very little sewing going on at all, actually. However, yesterday, I spent basically the entire day yesterday in bed, hand-quilting Mom’s quilt. It was a gloriously relaxing day – I let Hulu tell me stories, and I think I’m getting much better with the hand-quilting (after a kazillion hours on this quilt, I’d better!)

I’ve finished 20 out of 28 panels – the end is definitely in sight. Of course, after I finish the four layers of outlines, I have to figure out how to finish up the 28 centers… but that may just end up being tied for simplicity and speed’s sake. Mom still hasn’t replied to the email I sent her almost 2 weeks ago now, trying to figure out what we’re going to do with our relationship. That’s ok – I feel better just having sent it. I’ll be glad to be done with her quilt, give it to her and then move on.

On the fabric in/out front, two very tardy shipments from eBay arrived. A package of six fat quarters each from American Jane’s Snippets in blue and green colorways, and a layer cake of Hello Betty Retro – which I don’t much care for; too many greys.

That may turn into a giveaway, along with a few other retro items – check back later this week for that. 🙂

I’m off to work, but first wanted to share these “moments” photos:

The View From the Hoop

Afternoon sun

Afternoon sun



Heap oquilt

Heap o'quilt



The day

The day

Lost 100 Times

Lost 100 Times

It’s was a beautifully foggy morning, and the drive into work was lovely. The commute to work is 35 minutes each way, but it doesn’t bother me at all – the 20 minutes closest to home are beautiful, country roads that are a pleasure to watch roll by, regardless of weather. Some mornings and afternoons, it truly outdoes itself, as with this morning as the sun rose.

I wish the Droid did better with capturing photos in low light, as only a couple of them turned out to be at all passable:

Foggy morning

Foggy morning




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8 responses to Sunday morning anti-stash report

  1. You stitches look fantastic. Congrats. I also love the foggy photos. Do you live in CA?

  2. Elle Clark

    Your hand stitches are really good! It is going to be beautiful! And I have been hand stitching since I was about 5. You sure you haven’t done this before?

  3. Lisa

    You kind of make me want to hand quilt something, too. I can’t imagine doing it on a big throw-sized quilt tho; just yet, anyway. But maybe on a wall hanging civil war repro… that’d be cool! Maybe I should get up off the couch, put the computer away and go sew something. I started the Underground Railroad last year, and then stopped after 4 blocks. I should start that back up! I love that thing!

  4. Erin

    Thanks all – now admittedly, that’s one of the later blocks; most of them don’t look that good! 😀 But after awhile, I just found the right groove, I guess – going right to left instead of top to bottom, et cetera. My stitches aren’t tiny and small, but that’ll come with practice.

    Elle – I bet you’re way better at this than I am!

    Lisa – I highly recommend it. It’s a different thing; calm, relaxing, not OMG-MUST-FINISH-NOW!! After I finished about 8 3-hour blocks, I think I started to get the hang of that aspect of it… settling down and relaxing is just hard for me. This works, though, and Barbara is fond of telling me they’ve done studies showing hand-quilting changes brain waves. I believe it, much like any meditative activity does.

  5. Lisa

    That’s cool! I did pull out my Underground Railroad project, but the Downey Quilts For Kids UFO stared and whimpered at me……….. and I felt guilty. So instead, I put that top together. All rows are done and the first border is on. Just the wider border is left and it’s ready for a quick and dirty quilt-in-the-ditching and off it goes!

    You know how “whatever” captures you… the whole Civil War quilting time period got me. And then I found a whole vast group out there involved in making their own underground railroad quilts from this book:

    So I got the book and decided to start with the wall hanging size with all of the blocks. They’re pretty small pieces to work with, but I love it. I was going to give it to my mother in law as a gift because she still lives in Charleston, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to stay right here with me. Especially if I hand quilt it.

  6. Erin

    That looks like a really beautiful project! When I first moved back to Michigan, I was living in the upstairs of Grandpa Darling’s house – he now lives in the big house where my Great Grandpa Lyon used to live, across the street from G & G Darling’s old house – do you remember it? The house where we went into the woods.

    ANYhow, the apartment didn’t have a kitchen, so my dad’s cousin Bob came and put one in for me. His sister (omg family history here) Bev lived across the street from Mitch Graves, just a few houses down the road. Turns out that house used to belong to a Civil War colonel, and the attic was chock-full of Civil-War-Era relics and treasures.

    Sadly, it all got stolen by some low-life boyfriend of someone, at one point or another, and it’s all gone now. I’m so saddened it was all lost – can you imagine not only just the objects themselves, but having some kind of connection between all of them, perhaps a storyline or a better sense of the history? Almost being able to touch the whole of it, having been brought back to Mason and stowed up there by the man himself?

    Sometimes, the people, they do suck.

    I need to start feeling guiltier about the Quilts for Kids project. I really don’t much like the fabrics they sent, but that shouldn’t matter. I need to get it done.

  7. Erin

    Jennifer – sorry I missed your comment up there! I live in Michigan, which occasionally deigns to be quite pretty, especially in the fall. 🙂 I do miss the west coast, though.

  8. Your stitches look nice!

    Beautiful photos.

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