Non-quilting sewing projects

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I have one thing made tonight I can’t talk about quite yet, but another I’m happy to share.

First though, I seek the wisdoms of the internets.

During the night’s first project, though, I noticed odd behavior from my machine. It’s skipping stitches. It’ll go along for a couple of inches at its prescribed stitch length, and then suddenly skip a half inch. Reliably. I had to sew around the first project twice, which resulted in a lot of seams looking like this:



That’s a double-stitched row. What the heck is that? To bypass it, I had to set my stitch length to “infinitesimal.”

Also during the to-be-discussed-tomorrow project, I cut the wrong fabric sizes not once, not twice, but four times. Four. Holy effing bleep. It’s truly a pity, because it’s a very, very nice, soft, organic cotton in a shade I love. The fabric comes with one side already hemmed. Weird, but cool.

Remember the pin-up girl fabric? Of course you do!

Barbara and The Other Erin helped me get the pattern for the apron pinned and cut out last week, and tonight I finally summoned up the courage to attack the assembly process. There was a bit of swearing, and a 20-minute period where I just sat and reread the same three steps over and over and over again, aloud, backwards, fiddling with fabric trying to make it make sense… I was completely flummoxed.

Finally, I gave up in a huff and stalked to my desk to do email. In a note to Barbara, I was about to describe my vexation when I looked over to try to gather words to describe the depths of despair I had reached. Seeing the fabric from this new angle broke through the barrier and I instantly knew what I’d been doing wrong. Incidentally – Amy Butler fabrics? Fabulous. Amy Butler patterns? Not so much.

Thus, I now have an apron bodice assembled. I would be slightly more gleeful if my wamdigious tatas had a chance in hell of fitting into it, but perhaps someday. For now, I’ll merely get the thing together and see how it goes.

As I was sewing up the bodies ties that go behind one’s (petite) neck, I heard two immense THUMPS from the needle. Uh-oh. I thought I’d gotten all the pins out… nope. Not the one on the back side. I use flat-head, button-shaped pins. How handy, because:

Oh look - just like a button!

Oh look - just like a button!

That was fun to wrassle out. Fortunately, it was only about three inches into the start of the seam, so ripping was not a big deal. The teeny-tiny stitch length, however, was unfun.

In the end, this is what we have:

Yay bodice!

Yay bodice!

The girl’s face is getting a bit wonky from pleats, but once the giant boobies are in there, it’ll strech her right back out again.

The ties are not the same width, and I’m sure there’s plenty else wrong with it, but I’m finishing this sucker, whether it likes it or not!


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5 responses to Non-quilting sewing projects

  1. Sandi

    Three thoughts:
    1. Have you changed your needle recently? A dull or nicked needle is frequently the cause of weird noises from sewing machines.
    2. Unthread and re-thread the machine completely, including the bobbin.
    3. Clean out the bobbin area as much as you can. Lint builds up quicker than we think and can also cause weird stitches.

    I hope one of these helps straighten out your recalcitrant machine!

    Love the apron bodice, can’t wait to see the whole thing assembled!

  2. “wamdigious tatas”…. LMAOOOOOO! I’ve never heard that one before! I still have the same old problem I always did, except my last name doesn’t rhyme with the word “flat” anymore. I came verrry close to buying some big ones in Hawaii, but in the end it felt like too much money to be spending on something so frivolous for myself. And I feel kind of too old at this point, to do that, too. LOL

    Your apron is going to be really cool!!! I have two apron patterns and the fabric to make them, but I haven’t gone for it yet. Clothing patterns NEVER make sense to me, and I sit there reading and rereading them too. Making that blue jumpsuit for Nikolas’ Michael Myers costume was as advanced as I want to get. LOL Stoopid zipper. And arms!

  3. Erin

    Sandi – I’m fairly sure the loud thumps were from the pin I was plowing over, but thanks! 😀 I haven’t clean things out in awhile, that’s a good idea. I’ll give that a shot!

    Lisa – My friend Allyson had hers done a few years ago. She’s a very tall, incredibly slender girl who had absolutely zero boobs. She went for a nice, “normal” size, a full C cup, rather than the overblown, ridiculous, basketballs so often stuffed in there. She said it was *incredibly* painful for weeks and weeks – she could barely lift her arms at all, and the pain was constant. On the plus side, they look incredibly natural, and until you touched them, you’d have no idea they weren’t real.

    Still, I think you look great the way you are! I’m completely in awe of how fit you’ve stayed.

    Clothing patterns really are a whole nother language – thankfully, I’ve got someone helping who knows what she’s doing! 😀

  4. Oh–how funny–the tata’s are going to puff that girls pleats right out!! I was having problems a few days ago with my UNDEFEATABLE machine skipping stitches. WHAT!!! Ahah, I rethreaded,and as I checked the needle, I had inserted the new needle backwards. Now, I sew on an OLD machine (1948) and she does her best to sew NO MATTER WHAT, but she finally complained about that. Whenever my machine does wonkky things, I rethreaded, check the needle, and the bobbin, and usually that’s all it takes! She she sews over pins like a champ!

  5. Erin

    Lol, the tatas won’t even fit into that top, sadly, not in their current birth-control-pill-enhanced-and-generally-overweight-state. 😀 Before I do any more machine work, I’ll definitely give her the once-over and make sure all is well. She could probably stand some oil, too.

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