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Moda/American Jane/Misc Giveaway

Howdy folks! I don’t have anything interesting on my design wall for Judy’s Monday, since I’ve been working on Mom’s quilt almost exclusively. However,  so many of you [..]

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Basic Bread Recipes

This probably isn’t true of many quilters, but so many people haven’t ever made a loaf of bread. I hadn’t, at least not since I was terribly young, [..]

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Sunday morning anti-stash report

There was very little stash activity this week, very little sewing going on at all, actually. However, yesterday, I spent basically the entire day yesterday in bed, hand-quilting [..]

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Moments, Part… This One

I haven’t been taking many photos this week – the weather (and subsequently, the light) has been crap. We made a rare stop for coffee earlier in the [..]


Book Stores

Book stores are fun, fun places for me to be. It’s calming, relaxing, soothing, to be surrounded by so many words. There’s so much possibility in bookstores – [..]


Debating the day's plans.

Last night, I was going to either cuddle into bed and work on Mom’s quilt, or put together the apron the girls and I cut out the other [..]


The pecan pie I am never allowed to make again

(Chiefly because I ate pretty much the whole thing, by myself, in under 48 hours.) Best Pecan Pie I’ve Ever Made It’s good stuff, people.

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The Joys of Quilting…

Don, a friend who took up quilting right around the same time I did, sent me a message I could truly appreciate just a short while ago. He [..]

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Right Then, Back to Sanity

Or sanity “such as I know it.” Yesterday, Mike Neir decided we needed, like right now, a pair of the new Motorola Droid phones. This is the coolest, [..]

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A Baby? Am I Insane?!

Wow, so apparently RSS feeds pick up on password-protected posts! I’ve had a few alarmed, curious and amused emails and comments from people who have me set up [..]

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