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I’m pretty out of it this morning… even though I slept hard, I can’t quite get myself woken up. And so it came to pass I found myself [..]

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Sewing with Barb & Erin

So I bought this apron pattern. How hard could it be? It’s an apron. I should know better than this, after nearly 40 years of the same damn [..]

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Mental Upheavals

Lately, there’s this series of epic, Olympic struggles in my head… vast, sweeping Life Issues. As I understand things, this often comes with this time of life – [..]

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Sunday Stash, Such As It Is

Only one real thing of note arrived this week: A layer cake of Snippets, by American Jane. Please forgive the absolute crap light here – I snapped it [..]

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Saturday Moments

Once again, I am in love with the light coming in through the East window of my sewing room this morning. Also, some photos of the water features [..]


Friday Moments


A Note About Sewing Meditation

As a young girl and into my twenties, I read voraciously. Two of my favorites back then were Stephen King and Dean Koontz, and each of those dudes [..]


Chunky, Healthy, Deeeelicious Applesauce Recipe

This stuff is good, and holy wow, it’s not loaded up with refined sugar and other nastiness. When I first saw “olive oil” on the list of ingredients [..]

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Small Craft Advisory

This morning’s heavy frost brought with it a distinct shift toward Winter. A powerful wind brought down the leaves from the trees last week, but that was followed [..]

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How about this?

I’m somewhat confounded by the dearth of attractive, useful WP themes offering the (frankly, quite basic) functionality I need. What do we think of this one? I’m concerned [..]