Seventy-Five Stitches is Too Many

At least, for 10″ needles that are 10.5 in size. Duly noted.

My experiment last night was full of holes and whatnot, so I unwound it all and reballed it – how amazing is it that knitting can be completely undone like that and reused? It makes experimenting less expensive, for sure. It also makes things somewhat of a high-wire act… one misstep and the whole project’s eff’d, it would seem. Then again, I haven’t yet read the tutorial on dropped stitches.

Here’s what I had at the end of the night, placed against a white napkin so you can see all the holes:



The next try has a far more reasonable 32 stitches cast on, and rather than use both needles to make sure my casts aren’t too tight, I used the ink insert from a pen to add a little slack – this is seemingly more workable, although I’ve only knitted three rows thus far.

At any rate, time to get going on the day (and to try to get through some of the over 1500 RSS posts I still have left!) so I leave you with a couple of moments this morning in the sewing room:

Gutterman Moment

Gutterman Moment

Gutterman Moment II

Gutterman Moment II, Inc

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