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After searching for a time management system that was Just Right, I settled for Google Calendar. It’s not ideal, but it’s free and it’s accessible from anywhere I have an internet connection. Sorting the household chores into different days of the week, stacking more on weekends and adding errands I needed to run yesterday and today worked well. So far, so good. The one thing it lacks, though, is a “cross-off” feature, so there’s no satisfaction of checking things off a list, alas.

We’ll see how a full week goes. Here’s the plan:

Sunday: Usually a light day at work, so I shouldn’t be exhausted when I get home. Clean kitchen, make a nice dinner.

Monday: Usually a very bad day at work, so the only thing I’ve got planned is to tidy the sewing room.

Tuesday: Vacuum downstairs.

Wednesday: Any excess laundry and sweep hard floors.

Thursday: Vacuum upstairs.

Friday: Cooking, baking, errands, sewing (day off.)

Saturday: Bathrooms, compost out to garden, free time (day off.)

This doesn’t include the usual daily maintenance items of taking out the trash when it’s full, staying top of regular laundry, et cetera. I’ve got less-frequent tasks scheduled out for the future, too, like changing the bed linens, refilling prescriptions and so forth.

Thus far, I’m not specifically scheduling what to do during free time, or even during what time of day I’m supposed to do the chores. Just getting them done on that day will be groovy. It was nice today to have some sense of things I had to do today, and things I knew would be done later in the week. “Clean the house” is such a nebulous concept to me, someone who isn’t good at it and doesn’t place a huge value on it; it’s good to have it broken out.

Yesterday’s baking consisted of making Guinness Stout Ginger Cake – but I don’t think I’m going to recommend it. It’s tasty, but a bit dry, lacks the proper spicy punch and simply cannot compete with Black Sticky Gingerbread from In the Sweet Kitchen. I only make that during the holidays, and it is so worth the year-long wait. I meant to start some bread to rise for today and completely spaced it, alas. At some point, I’ll share The Kind Shepherd’s Pie I made up on Thursday, which will likely become a go-to in my Cooking for Mike Neir arsenal. It’s easy and delicious.

Today, I took care of the chores first thing, ran some errands, and have spent the last 4 hours making Mike’s sister’s main Christmas present. When I first started sewing, she asked me to make her a bag – and so I have! I’m really excited about it; I think it’s the best work I’ve done yet. 😀 All I need to do now is to find the perfect button and it’s all done.

Also, I’m going to make one for myself, because I really like the design, and Stacey’s selection of the Ginseng fabric is great. I’m in love with it now, and it reminds me of those neato photo-sensitive paper collages I used to make as a kid – the paper that turns blue in the sun? I loved putting leaves and sticks and stuff on it.

Also, I am in love with 1/2″ seam allowances – so much easier to work with than 1/4″.

Here’s the only peek til after Christmas:

Stacey Bag Preview

Stacey Bag Preview

The binding on Mom’s quilt is about halfway done, and I think it’s time to order a pizza and settle in for some television whilst working on that. Nice weekend, this has been. Alas, back to work tomorrow, and hopefully this raging sinus headache I’ve had for the last two days goes poof., Inc

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