Always on the look-out for energy-saving ideas, I found these tips pretty interesting:

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Mike and I both have plenty of things we can cut down on; I usually forget to turn off the heat-dry cycle on the dishwasher, he usually forgets to turn off the fan we sometimes use for white noise while we’re sleeping, I take baths (though I only shower every other day to make up for those, opting for washcloth bathing the mornings I don’t,) he leaves lights on everywhere he goes (but usually turns off his computers at night, whereas I usually don’t,) I have a 50-gallon aquarium that needs its light, filter and heater powers, and the list goes on and on. This makes little things important – like turning the thermostat down and wearing warmer clothes, using cold water in the washing machine for all but the dirtiest loads, and so forth.

The list above gives more helpful hints I’m going to apply.

Here’s even more: 50 Ways to Help the Planet

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