Nora, one of the cutest kids ever

From Nora’s blog (which is maintained by her daddy:)

I wake up!
by clunis
Nora slept in super late on Saturday morning: until nearly 10 past 7. She woke Jen and me up by calling out/singing:

I wake up!!!
I wake up!
Mommy! Nora wake up!

Then she just started naming all of the things she could see from her bed.

Nora’s turtle lamp! pajamas… monkey monkey! baby!
baby’s clothes! baby’s hat!
I wake up!
Happy Birthday, Nora! Happy Birthday, Nora! A B C H I J Happy Birthday!
Nora down!

and so on until we finally stopped giggling long enough to go get her. At dinner tonight Jen remarked how only a few weeks ago a meal was largely a fairly quiet affair. We’d talk about our days and ask Nora questions and mostly she made chewing and banging noises. Now she talks constantly and usually it’s pretty intelligible.

She’s like a living, breathing first page of “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” 24 x 7.

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