Daily Archives: December 19, 2009

A movie I'm excited about

I’m so glad Nostalgic Cafe had this trailer on her blog – I hadn’t heard of this movie yet. It looks wonderful.


Reports from the Geek/Nerd Front

My poor, poor liver. It’s really taking one for the team today. And not in a crazy-go-wild, drink-your-pants-off way, either. In a desperate attempt to pacify the migraine [..]

Mental Well-Being

Finnish Mushroom Pie Recipe

The holidays mean two very comforting things to me – Sienipiirakka and Iz. I couldn’t just be A Normal Person and have my favorite holiday traditions be a [..]

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A Hitch in the Schedule

The awesome scheduling process doesn’t take into account a migraine on the day most stacked with chores. Here’s hoping it passes soonish. We have our company Christmas party [..]