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It’s green… it’s all just… GREEN…

At my doctor appointment two weeks ago, my doctor recommended a gluten allergy test. We’d tested my thyroid and various other things, all of which were normal. What [..]

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Banned from the Swift

Last night, halfway through my second dishcloth for knitting class, I said “screw it; I’m done with this thing.” Not with knitting itself, mind you, but the stupid [..]


The Biz

I work at a web hosting company. As such, certain benefits are allowed, such as having my own virtual private server, which can serve quite a few websites. [..]


Knitting Bag

It didn’t take long for me to realize I was going to need a bag for all this knitting paraphernalia I’ve slowly acquired; throwing it all into the [..]

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The Beforeness

Warning: Photo overload and complete catastrophes ahead. Videos, too. There is so much room for improvement in this house, so much wasted space, it’s a daunting task to [..]

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This word appears more and more frequently across the hundreds of blogs of which I try to keep abreast. There seems to be quite a groundswelling of people [..]

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Alright, ladies (and the occasional gentlemen;) I seek your advice. I am in desperate need of being pampered, and the usual routines just aren’t cutting it. What do [..]

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Unexpected Ingredients

Because I’m never content to simply Be Content, I was looking for other veggie lasagna recipes last night to make for Joe & Danielle. I knew I’d make [..]

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Mmm, Pie

We’re having a couple of friends over for dinner tonight, something we almost never do. Mike Neir and I are largely social hermits; we like the idea of [..]

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Knitting Class, Part One

I learned one new thing – the “yarn over” – tonight, but more importantly, I learned I’d been doing stuff more or less correctly. I also learned it’s [..]

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