Daily Archives: January 1, 2010

Le Sigh.

I’ve been eying this tutorial for loungy pants for a couple of months now, and finally got the gumption up to try it last night. After having found [..]

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For the sheer lols of it

My friend Ralph and I often talk about food at work. Today, he mentioned his childhood, which was filled with Weight Watcher recipes because his mom was  a [..]


Be Resolute, Yet Flexible…

I wrote this weeks ago and forgot to publish it. Derp. It’s getting to be that time – The Time of Resolutions. The last time I purposely set [..]

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New Beginnings, New Year

“Mindfulness” has long been a word around which I arrange my life to the best extent I can. It encompasses so much of what I aspire to, and [..]

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Sad Truth

“When farmers are going broke, it’s wrong to expect them to reform the system,” asserts Wendell Berry in an interview with The Sun, “In fact, there are too [..]