Be Resolute, Yet Flexible…


I wrote this weeks ago and forgot to publish it. Derp.

It’s getting to be that time – The Time of Resolutions. The last time I purposely set positive, healthy, fabulous resolutions, I made the goals too lofty and they all crumbled within a month. This was discouraging; I felt like a failure and I haven’t done any resolutions since then. Having an overly-developed guilt/shame gland is sometimes a deterrent to revisiting things I’ve not done well with previously.

Well I’m changing that this year! I’m thinking about resolutions ahead of time, getting my ducks in a row, trying to make sure they are completely attainable, while still pushing me to do something better or different.

New year’s goals I will do my very best to attain, phrased positively (as in, no “don’t’s:”)

  • Make my own cold-processed soap at least once
  • Make my own soft cheese at least once
  • Make my own butter at least once
  • Finish 5 books (I used to finish that many in a month, but I’ve gotten out of the habit. Baby steps.)
  • Find small ways to be greener every week
  • Maintain the daily household calendar
  • Build a chicken coop
  • Obtain chickens
  • Plan, plant and maintain a garden
  • Build or buy a composter
  • Take more everyday photos for the pleasure of it
  • Go for walks and bike rides as the mood strikes – keep the momentum
  • Make healthier food and personal care choices (purchase Mike’s meat from Crestwik or similar, get our milk from the family share, et cetera)
  • Exercise greater financial discipline
  • Open and use my many cookbooks – try a new recipe from them a few times per month, rather than relying on online sites

This is a work in progress.

I’d love to see any resolutions you all would like to share with the rest of the class!

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3 responses to Be Resolute, Yet Flexible…

  1. Great goals! Lots of good stuff in there for being self-sufficient (soap, chicken coop, etc…). Best wishes on the new year! We think it’s going to be fabulous. 🙂

  2. I have been a soapmaker for about 12 years, so if you need any help let me know. 🙂 It’s a WONDERFUL and very addictive hobby. You’ll love it!

  3. Really good list, it could be my own in most ways. Thanks for visiting me!!!

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