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When I was little, Mom and Dad used to do some casual antiquing. We had some nice pieces, including a fully-lined wooden icebox, a hutch, a commode and lots of odds and ends. Sadly, most of the large pieces were sold after the divorce and sale of the house. However, Mom’s Christmas present to me this year was her collection of antique wooden spools (which we used as candleholders when I was a child) and a bunch of photos of me as a little girl.

I can only speculate as to why she’s offloading all of her photos of me, but the spools were particularly nice. Judging by this site, they’re antique textile mill spools and bobbins, but I couldn’t say from when. Some have colors on the ends, some have holes in the sides, and I believe those with the holes may be the bobbins.

Here’s a few shots of the antiquey goodness. 🙂

They don’t seem to be valuable, but they’re certainly sentimental and I really love their well-worn, antique look, especially the worn-over bumps and dings in the metal ends. Now to figure out where to put them… on the mantle of the fireplace seems natural, but we never spend time in the family room. Likewise, the living room.

Hm. The only rooms I tend to spend any time in are the kitchen, my sewing room/office and the bedroom. I suppose there’s my answer. 🙂

She gave me the commode awhile back, and I haven’t quite found the right place for it yet. I do love it, though, despite its signs of abuse and neglect:

I especially love the carved flowers.

As I’ve wandered through one of Williamston’s several antique markets, I have yearned to bring some of the beautiful pieces home… a gorgeous dining room table, various shelves and hutches, end tables, so many pretty things that would warm up our home with its post-undergraduate chic decor (I truly hate much of our furniture.)

Ah well, in time!

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3 responses to Antique Spools

  1. Those spools are very nice. Craftsmanship seems nice and they have a lot of character! DO WANT!

  2. They are lovely. It’s amazing how a simple object can hold so much sentimental value. I remember an unusual bell on my Grandma’s dresser that I wanted after she passed away. It just reminds me of her.

  3. Elle Clark

    They are great! Amazing how much care was taken in the making of the holder of the yarn! That is what I miss today. Quality. One person asked me why I wasted my time hand sewing and I had to think about it. Besides making beautiful things for less money, I think it has to do with the quality of work. It is not just that it is not available at the store, it’s that it comes from your heart and soul. I think you feel that too!

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