Do Want

So I’m in the throes of this Amanda Palmer fixation – I’ve stopped trying to fight it and have simply acknowledged that for the time being, I am a bit of a fan girl. I’m not amused, but it is what it is. She is fabulous and engaged to one of my favorite authors (Neil Gaiman,) so I am willing to overlook such things as over-arched tattooed eyebrows.

In a recent webcast (yeah, apparently I watch webcasts now,) Amanda was wearing this skirt in a charcoal grey:

I love the waistband with its many snaps and rings, the split up the front, et cetera – but I am not in love with all the ruffles. I’m not a ruffle girl. Still, I’m not sure the skirt would work without them.

What do you think?

Either way, I bet I could eventually figure out how to make something like this. Eventually!

Here now – gratuitous AFP:

Let your freak flag fly, girl.

Posts at least a little bit like this one:


4 responses to Do Want

  1. i’m not a ruffle girl either. i liek the color though

  2. I am normally not a ruffle girl either but in this case I love them. That skirt is so cool just as it is. Feminine but tough.

  3. Hey there!! Thanks for coming over to Bee Wise. I love the skirt, but I agree with the ruffle issue. Maybe just a few less gathers. Also thanks for the tutorials in the last post. The circle one is very helpful!

  4. Elle Clark

    I think the first row of ruffles would be good to help with the slit. But I think you could do without the rest of them. Really cool skirt!

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