Done by Sunday Night

Ah, the feeling of a (mostly) completed task – I should really better acquaint myself with it.

Give me a few days and a fever of 102, and I can get you results.

Apart from the trim, the fan, the wall plates, the light fixture, the hutch and the toilet (and the quality time spent with a very small detail paintbrush) the bathroom is done. \o/ Ok, there’s a lot that’s not strictly done-done, but it’s usable and it looks nice. I’m calling it a win.

The hallway is still an unmitigated disaster, and is probably eligible for FEMA assistance at this point. That’s going to have to wait, however.

I would first like to thank 3M, for making a truly useless product – the blue painter’s tape. Not only did it not prevent paint from seeping under it, it peeled up a fair amount when I took it off – even when I scored it with a knife. For the extra hours I will spend fixing that fail, 3M, thank you.

Everything else went pretty well. I love the colors, I love the artwork, and I suspect I will love every minute I spend in there, especially once the shelves and/or hutch is in place for more candle goodness.

Here we go with The Photos!



The choice of shower curtain is probably the most defining feature of the small space, and I’m pretty surprised I picked a blue one. I’m not a huge fan of most blues, but when I saw this one, nestled in amongst the others at the shop, I immediately knew this was The One. That I remember with pretty good clarity. I then spent a more nebulous, fuzzy amount of time in the art section to find accompaniment for it.

Were I a better person, I would have ironed it before I hung it – maybe someday, if it doesn’t relax in the steam.

When I bought these beautiful yet persnickety shower curtain hooks, I wondered, “are these things going to be the bane of my existence?” Perhaps. But they’re pretty enough I do not care. At least, not yet.

I’m not going to shower you with all the fail details, though several are present in these shots. Perhaps another time, because I have more pressing business at hand.

“Are you going to break it in tonight,” asked Mike Neir a moment ago.


“Right now?” Laughing.


And so I am., Inc

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7 responses to Done by Sunday Night

  1. Your bathroom looks great! I love that blue and brown combo, especially in the shower curtain. Wish I were that productive with a fever of 102!

  2. Stacey K.

    Looks great! You know how I love the blue/brown together= MAGIC 🙂

  3. Wow! What an improvement. I love the shower curtain.

  4. Congrats… I know you must be so much happier!! That was mighty sweet original floor linoleum in there, too, by the way. hehe

  5. What an awesome transformation! I really love how that turned out.

  6. Can I hire you??
    I have a bathroom that is ugly beyond belief. The tub and toilets are a weird green. My husband calls it duck poop green…I hope we can redo that ugly duck soon

  7. slneir

    Can’t wait to see it. It looks great.

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