Daily Archives: February 21, 2010

And so, we become three

Blogs, that is. The crafty people aren’t necessarily interested in the photoblogging, and the photoblogging people aren’t necessarily into homesteading, so I’m diverging a bit. My favorite photos [..]


Oh, Hi

So these are my new homesteady digs. Big plans afoot for the unlikely homestead, my friends; plans that will bore the socks right off you! But at least [..]


Quilting Content! Sort Of!

Just when I’d given up looking… I used half my tax return to buy myself a new toy – a Canon EOS 1000D – my first digital SLR. [..]

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Cleaning Up My Life

This post first appeared on my other blog, Confounded by Quilting, and basically cemented my desire to have a more appropriate blog title for the homesteady bits of [..]

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