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Growth and Life and Death

The five baby girls are all doing very well – their wings are about two-thirds fledged, and they’re probably twice as tall as they were less than a [..]

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Gardens and Seed Flats & Chickens (Oh my)

The babies have become much more coordinated over the last couple of days, and are beginning to express instinctive behaviors such as scratching and flapping – although they [..]

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Chicken Cam(s)!

Chicken cams, now with 100% more auto-refreshing and convenience.

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Things I Have Learned in the First Hour of Being a Chicken Mom

Being shipped in a box is really stressful Learning how to drink water is hard If one has it, the others want it If it is time to [..]

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More Sprouts, More Disjointed Thoughts

The first little onions made their presence known this morning, the cucumbers and melons have all gone to town unfurling little leaflets, the lettuce and kale look strong, [..]

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These were not here when I left this morning. If I sit and watch them, I swear I can see them growing taller by the minute. To me, [..]

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One Innocuous Little Box

It was sitting on our front porch when we got home last night – tiny, almost too small to be noticed. It looks so innocent, doesn’t it? But [..]

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Bad Blogger

I haven’t responded to anyone’s comments in a good month, at least. I’m sorry, that’s just terrible form. Haven’t been reading my Google Reader in a week, either, [..]

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Spring is coming!!

And so are the chickens!! Homestead Geek chicken post Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait!

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The Chickens Are Coming!

We’ve had three days in the 50’s now – the sun has been out, and the vast swaths of snow are melting away. As much as I have [..]

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