The Chickens Are Coming!

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We’ve had three days in the 50’s now – the sun has been out, and the vast swaths of snow are melting away. As much as I have enjoyed the gorgeous snow and the layer of magic and adventure it adds, I am officially ready for spring. I’ve ordered the seeds for the garden, and yesterday… I ordered the baby chicks!!

Our locally-owned feed store, Soldans, carries chicks in spring, and when I phoned yesterday, they told me they would do special orders. While their supplier has Red Stars listed as “unavailable,” alas, I did order five black Australorp pullets. YAY! They’ll look something like this when I get them:

They’re shipped when one day old, so I’ll get them very early on in their young lives. I’m hoping I can get the day off from work, so they’ll do that magical imprinting thing on me. 🙂

They’re due to arrive on March 31, so I need to start setting up their first home. Since baby chicks are dusty and a bit smelly, and since we have cats and dogs in the house, they’ll probably have to live in the garage until they get to go out to their permanent residence in the coop.

It’s exciting and I’m a little nervous about this new endeavor – they’re so tiny and fragile, with such specific requirements. And I cannot wait.

I’m getting all excited about finding lumber to build the raised beds, finding topsoil, finding manure… all terribly mundane tasks that will require a lot of physical labor, but I so don’t care. I want spring! There’s a load of wooden pallets at work I can haul home tomorrow to build the compost bin, too. Life is good, spring is here!

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  1. I love the thought of you being followed around by a flock of chickens. Sounds fun! It’s spring here. Lots of bradford pears and others blooming. Fun!

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