More Sprouts, More Disjointed Thoughts

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The first little onions made their presence known this morning, the cucumbers and melons have all gone to town unfurling little leaflets, the lettuce and kale look strong, some cabbage is coming up and even a tomato or two is popping out. Total. Magic.

The cukes and melons look like little miniature Audrey plants:

That first, lonely little cucumber seedling is having a terrible time shedding its seed coat, and is now amongst the smallest plants. I tried to gently remove it this morning, but didn’t want to disturb things too much. Go, little cucumber plant!

Friday afternoon, it was 65 degrees and sunny. My dad and I spent a couple of hours in his truck driving through the lovely countryside west of Lansing to fetch his rotortiller from his friend, Dan. It was wonderful to spend a bunch of time with Dad, gleaning bits of gardening wisdom, talking about life in general, wondering about little oddities of life. Meeting Dan, his wife Mickey and their small pack of border collies was truly an experience unto itself. What nice folks! What great dogs! What a nice afternoon.

My dad grew up farming, and I really envy him all of that experience and knowledge.

Once home, Dad fired up the tiller he’d bought when I was 4 years old and showed me how to work it. I remember watching him tilling with that very machine when I was just a wee lass. As I learned how to wrangle it, I recalled how he’d made it look easy! As it churned and lurched through the layer of grass that had grown in from the yard, it was anything but easy. My whole body pulled and steadied and twisted and lifted and pushed to keep it from running away with itself not through the grass, but on top of it.

A dozen or so feet away from the fence line, things get considerably easier and less grassy, but I’m going to have to make several passes over the entire thing to make sure it’s all chopped up as best as can be. I’m very pleased at how rich the dirt appears to be – very unlike the sandy nastiness in other parts of the yard.

Sixty-five degrees and sunny on Friday. Saturday brought enough snow to accumulate and it is still falling today.

Stupid Michigan weather.

In non-gardeny thoughts (which are few and far between, these days,) I find it so disturbing that many of the Mommy Blogs I read, which are usually filled with great tips and how-to’s, so often turn to horrible, pre-packaged shortcuts. “Homemade fruity cookies” that start out with pre-made Pillsbury dough in tubes. “Homemade chocolate truffle cake” starting with a Duncan Hines mix. No – These are not homemade. While I get it that life is busy and requires some shortcuts and corner-cutting, can we please call a spade a spade and say “Shortcut fruity cookies?”  “Easy fruity cookies?”

In other news, I start a new position at work on Tuesday I’m really looking forward to. Essentially, my new team makes sure all 10,000 servers are up and functioning properly.  Lots of work, lots of immediate stress, but far easier to leave behind. This will be a very very good thing. The cumulative number of years I’ve been doing helpdesk/support has really caught up to me, of late, and my blood pressure is ridiculously high – in large part due to stress, I’d imagine. There is so much change and strangeness happening at work lately, it’s difficult to say where the company will be in a year or two. Surely, bigger and better – but how we’re going to get there will be interesting.

One of my co-workers was talking about Little Debbie Swiss Rolls earlier, and I am consuming with that craving now – they were one of my favorite, awful treats pre-gluten-issues. <sob>

Finally, this thought – lasagna made in the crock pot: Not a good idea.

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  1. Here’s my mommy tip for today: When ever you make pizza dough, make double, then freeze half. Last time I bought Pillsbury pizza dough in a tube, it was bizarrely speckled with purple polka dots. Boy did it go outside to the trash almost instantly. Tonight I made taco calzone with the frozen pizza dough from last time I made dough. Much nicer! (if requiring some planning ahead) Do you have a gluten free pizza dough that you like yet?

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