Things I Have Learned in the First Hour of Being a Chicken Mom


  1. Being shipped in a box is really stressful
  2. Learning how to drink water is hard
  3. If one has it, the others want it
  4. If it is time to sleep, it is time to sleep Right Now – regardless of where one might be
  5. If it is possible to stand upon or within, it is possible to poop upon or within
  6. Poop tastes awful
  7. But it looks possibly edible, so better try to eat it anyhow
  8. Chicks are extremely competitive
  9. Once one figures out how to do something, the rest will soon after
  10. Everything tastes better when it is eaten out of something upon which one is standing
  11. It is totally possible to fall asleep whilst standing up
  12. A 45-second nap is completely adequate for the recharging of batteries
  13. Walking over rough terrain on new legs without any arms is quite difficult
  14. Getting good photos in the enclosure I’ve made is darned near impossible
  15. I am going to be spending a lot of time on the cold basement floor
  16. An extra-large dog crate on the half-shell is enormous for baby chickens

As soon as I got the girls out of their box and into their new home, they all immediately fell asleep under the heat lamp and snoozed for a few minutes – then, they were up and figuring out what the food was. Getting them to drink the water was difficult, but once they stepped in it and saw their sisters drinking, they got the picture.

Two were very active, alert and looked completely fine. One was in the middle and two others gave me cause for alarm with their distressed peeps and lethargy. Once they took a brief nap and got some water, though, everyone was up, around, active and exploring. And pooping.

When the babies sleep, it looks like they have died. Seriously.

Unless they’re standing up.

This little girl stretched out on her side, threw out a leg and completely conked out in less than 2 seconds. I may pass out from Cute Overload.

I should go feed Mike Neir and myself, but I cannot stand to be away from them just yet.

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  1. Curse you HOA or I could be a chicken mom too! Just FYI, newborn humans do the instantly asleep thing too.

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