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The Philosophy of Can’t

I was just heating up my wheat-free/gluten-free veggie lasagna in the office kitchen, where there are veggie burgers (with gluten,) and buns (with gluten,) and Zingers (with gluten) [..]

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Drama in the Chicken Coop

I’m writing this up while I wait for my lunch to heat up in our half-dead microwave, so please forgive me if it’s more disjointed than usual, and [..]

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to 40…

Lately, I’ve been full of introspection – more so than usual. As I manage to do from time to time (as The World’s Worst Buddhist,) I’ve been paying [..]

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Toward Acceptance

I’m turning forty this year. With this realization have come many others, including “why do I continue emotionally raging at my body?”  It is the shape it is [..]

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Grown-Up Girls

As of two nights ago, the chickies have been permanently relocated to their own enclosure. Thus far, things are going quite well – even though the weather has [..]

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That One Percent

If you have no experience with fencing and animals, here is a bit of free advice should you ever decide you want to enclose some sort of animal: [..]

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