Held in Contempt?

Short rant without much of a point.

Whenever I hear the term, “farmer’s tan,” it’s never with a tone of admiration, humbleness, respect or gratitude. Rather, it is generally contempt, a sense of superiority, smugness. It’s almost as if the speaker is saying, “Oh my; you were outside working to earn that tan; you did not have the ability, the wherewithal, to simply lounge about sunbathing to get a line-free tan. Surely, you are lower on the totem pole than I.”

This bothers me.

Should it perhaps be the other way around?

Some folks tend to think of farmers as lesser people, as hicks and rednecks. People who must perform Manual Labor to survive because, surely, they would not choose such a lifestyle, or perhaps they just don’t know any better, or are trapped by their circumstances.

Here’s the thing about farmers and other workers who perform service for others: We should respect, honor and thank them. They serve, and it is an honorable labor. Too often, we think of our service industry workers as sub-human, or at the very least, inferior to those working ostensibly “nobler” professions (stock broker, lawyer, administrator, whatever,) because they are waiting on us, serving our needs and wishes.

When they’re not there, though, holy wow are we ever upset. And we get angry and impatient.

We’re so spoiled.

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