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I love these tiny, perfect little tomatoes:

Bronze arrow lettuce:

The cosmo romaine lettuce is starting to head up:

Bunch o’radishes:


Burpless cukes, now flowering:

Yukon potato plants:

So many tiny little hairs:

Kind of a chaotic nightmare:

Future zucchinis for Shawno:

Weeds in between corn rows about to get the smackdown today:

Gratuitous images of pea plants – baby tendrils about to shoot out:

The end product!

Amazing little clever grabby tendrils that the plants use to haul themselves up vertically on supports:

Or, which they use to grab ahold of straw and hoist it into the air. The tendrils really don’t care what direction they haul things, or if they’re hauling the right thing:

And sometimes, they just get all knotted up together:

I planted the peppers far, far too close to the kale:

The beans are coming along well:

Bed two, with monster broccoli plants:

Bed one, bursting with lettuce & other salad materials:

Bed three, freshly-planted… with very, very sad started plants that sat in their flats a month too long.

Bee balm getting closer to fully-blossomed:

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Posts at least a little bit like this one:

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