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The P-Diddy Post

Some five or so years back, P-Diddy made an announcement. In his mind, it was an announcement of epic proportion. For those of you who don’t know who [..]

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Pickles for Mom, Pickles for You!

My mom’s financial and health situation right now is dire. She’s at risk for losing her home and she’s already lost her career as the result of being [..]

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The Disgruntled Door-to-Door Meat Salesman

This past week, a salesman nearly had a psychotic break in our driveway. It was about 9pm this past Wednesday night and I was in my jammies, getting [..]

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Chicken Pics

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This was a difficult post to write and to share, yet as ashamed as I am at its content, I need to confess – apparently in a long [..]

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Two Years

Somehow, in the relative blink of an eye, two years exactly have passed since I met, tackled, captured and subdued Mike Neir, tricking him somehow into falling in [..]

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More tomatoes!

Yesterday, I nommed the first ripe Lollipop tomato – a yellow variety of cherry tomato – and it was amazing. Sweet, tangy, very flavorful. There was only one, [..]

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Making Pickles, Part Next of (N)

The dills I made for Mike got to a point yesterday I deemed “finished.” They are salty and garlicky and pretty tasty, but not quite my thing. Three [..]

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Gratuitous Garden Porn

Because I am too whipped to write much, and have a lot of photos to share. There was once a path running in betwixt these radishes and tomatoes. [..]

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On the “To Do” List… Community Gardening

I have this list, as so many of us do, of Things I Really Need to Do. On that list, nestled in amongst things like “set up durable [..]

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