Holy Giant Pile of Cucumbers

Today, I decided to learn how to Make Pickles. The bread and butter recipe I’m going to try calls for 2.5 pounds of cucumbers, so I sallied forth into the garden, hoping to find enough. At first, I started picking even small ones to ensure I’d get somewhat close to the weight. These are the two smallest specimens, sad little things that they are:

But then I started moving leaves.



They were hiding everywhere. Lurking. Growing.  This is what I ended up with, and there are easily a dozen more babies on the vine:

Now I’m thinking I’ll have enough for at least one batch of bread and butters, and one batch of garlic dills – maybe more – Yay! Seriously, check this out:

None of those were visible simply looking at the plant without poking around some. Jinkies. I really should check the zucchini plants before something goes catastrophically awry and I have whiffle-bat-sized zucchini trying to take over the world.

But for now, I am off to the kitchen to commence with the pickling. We had a bit of a rainstorm roll through awhile ago, which has cooled things down nicely; however, the mosquitoes are out in spades, making it impossible to do any real work outside without dousing myself in DEET. I’m not up for that at the moment, so pickling it is.

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