Making Pickles, Part 3 of (N)

The bread and butter pickles continue to be yummy, but will get more hotness next time around.

The dills are well on their way to being… well, “dilled” I guess. They’re salty and garlicky and I hope Mike Neir will enjoy them.

I have another 6 or so pounds of cucumbers just about ready to go.



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  1. Erin D.

    Hey there, Mwatters – I’d like to be able to give them away, but given the time, energy and materials needed, I’ll probably have to sell them. Cheaply, though. 🙂 I’m thinking $3 per pint jar, maybe giving a $1 refund if the jar finds its way back to me.

    Before anyone buys them, though, I’d want them to sample the product. Let me futz around with the recipe a bit more, then I’ll bring you in a sample. Are you thinking dills or bread & butters?

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