On the “To Do” List… Community Gardening

I have this list, as so many of us do, of Things I Really Need to Do.

On that list, nestled in amongst things like “set up durable power of attorney for Mom,” and “WEED EVERYTHING” are a few items such as, “write the P-Diddy post” and “write the community gardening post.”

There are about six posts I keep meaning to write, and they keep getting pushed aside for other things.

This one, though, I can knock quickly out on my little five-minute break.

Several of my friends have expressed an interest in gardening, but are unable to do so at their homes, either because they live in apartments, or their yards are too shady, or they rent a house or their soil is not suitable for growing things humans would eat.

I might be able to help. At least, next year anyhow.

Right now, I’d say almost 1/3 of the 4000 square feet is not being used. Although I’ll be using more space in the garden next year, mostly due to spacing things out a heck of a lot better, there should still be some left over, and someone else might be able to put it to good use. I’d gladly let other people tend their own gardens in our space, and I suspect Mike Neir would, too.

I’d like to do so free of cost, naturally, and unless vast quantities of water were being used, we shouldn’t need to charge anyone anything for the space. Logistically, though, I’m not sure how it would work. Also, it would be nice not to have to  mess around with signing any legal paperwork.

Ideally, the people using the space would do their own tilling, dreaded weeding and other tending, and I would need to rig things up so they could easily water their plot without dragging the hose all over everything (as I currently have to do – I’m more dangerous to my plants half the time than the bugs.) We could let them use our implements, most likely, so they wouldn’t have to haul stuff over.  They’d need to build their own raised beds, though, if they wanted them. I reckon we’ll have our hands full building our own!

The down side for some folks would be the drive out to Williamston.

If anyone has any thoughts or recommendations, I’d love to hear them. I’d really like to help anyone wanting to garden do so. How could I not love getting this into someone’s life?

Or this?

Or this?


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