Making Pickles, Part Next of (N)

The dills I made for Mike got to a point yesterday I deemed “finished.” They are salty and garlicky and pretty tasty, but not quite my thing.

Three pounds of sliced cukes left me with exactly one half-gallon of finished product.

The brine became a bit turbid in the 24 hours before I put it into the fridge, but doesn’t taste “off” at all.

Mwatters asked on another post if I’d be selling pickles. I’d like to just be able to give them away, but there is so much time, energy and material involved with the pickle-making process, if I do pass any along, I’ll probably have to charge a small fee, part of which would be refundable if the jars were returned. After the next batch gets done, I’ll see what I can do.

My biggest-producing cucumber plant is dying of CMV (cucumber mosaic virus) but some of the other plants I have are resistant to it – perhaps they’ll survive long enough to get me more batches. I have a few pounds ready today, though. The state of the infected plant this morning:

There are at least 40 known host plants for this virus, most of which I have in the garden, and it’s largely transmitted by aphids – which I also have.

I do see the occasional ladybug out there, but certainly not enough for good control. I reckon I’ll go over and buy some at VanAtta’s today. This organic business – it’s not always the easiest path, eh?, Inc

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