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But, it doesn't FEEL like a mid-life crisis…

I should have put this post about needing more fulfilment over here, but instead it ended up at Homestead Geek, so there it shall remain. A few afterthoughts [..]


Autumnal Musings & Yearnings

I am conflicted. This comes as no surprise to anyone who has known me for, oh, three or four minutes. We’re going to ramble along together here, from [..]

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The Autumnal Chickens

I haven’t posted any chicken photos in awhile, so here are a few shots from yesterday evening. They do not hold still well when they’re eating. They’re laying [..]

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The Autumnal Garden

I have let the garden weeds run rampant for months now. While the garden continues to burst forth with greens, winter squash, pumpkins, root vegetables and a few [..]

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Home Improvement, Part Next

Folks, just in case you’re not quite paying attention – autumn is upon us. I’ve been harvesting winter squash, the leaves are juuuust beginning to think about changing, [..]

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Kicking & Screaming Into the E-Book Age

Since Amazon introduced its Kindle some years ago, I have watched it with both a yearning and skeptical eye. I love the idea of the convenience and portability [..]

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