Home Improvement, Part Next

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Folks, just in case you’re not quite paying attention – autumn is upon us. I’ve been harvesting winter squash, the leaves are juuuust beginning to think about changing, and the nights are quickly becoming cold, nearly to the point of frost now and then. Someone flipped the “off” switch on summer’s heat and length of day, and we begin our annual progression into the introspective winter times.

First, though, we will have bestowed upon us the glory of Michigan Autumn. As we round this corner, my garden lies in weedy shambles (but still brings forth great bounty,) and my eyes have been flickering more and more toward the shelves of fabric and the sewing machine. My fingers wonder if they remember how to knit. Indeed, summer is at an end.

Mike Neir has moved his base of operations from a smaller upper-floor bedroom to a larger, basement room better suited to his needs. It’s much more of a man-cave than the previous office. Thus, he has gifted me with My New Office. My current office/sewing/craft room is stuffed pretty much to overflowing, and splitting the computery bits into the smaller room will be of great benefit.

Before I move in the furniture and the fabric and the supplies, I am availing myself this opportunity to obliterate the abomination that is currently the color scheme in that room.

Behold, and witness:

Not content to merely offend our eyes with whatever they were thinking with the colors, they launch an assault upon our sensibilities, as well.

As you can see, there is a wallpaper border along the top of the room. Ordinarily, this is no problem: Removing borders is simple, even somewhat satisfying (those of you who enjoy peeling a good sunburn know where I’m coming from here.) All that is needed is to peel off the top, design-bearing layer, spray the backing/paste with enzymes and proceed to peel the rest off in huge, rewarding swaths.

When is wallpaper border not easy to remove? Why, I’m so glad you asked. I’ll tell you.

When the previous owners painted over it.

That’s right.

I removed the wallpaper border and noticed the paint didn’t look quite right. It didn’t look quite right because it was covering yet another stinking border. Rather than simply remove the old border, our previous owners (in keeping with their general approach to home renovation, it seems) just painted right the hell over it.

Here, you can see the first border removed, and the second one lying in wait under the odious pink paint.

What should have taken me thirty minutes (tops) is going to take considerably more time. Meh.

I was about halfway done when our lawn tractor decided to throw its drive belt, and the chickens needed their night light put up (hard to jump up on perches in total darkness, you know,) so my office shenanigans are done for the day. Alas.

However, mark my words: Those borders are coming down, and a very nice, sagey green is going up – and soon.

For autumn is here, and I’m once again leaning toward the crafty side of things.

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  1. Oh, that’s just *so* wrong. Talk about taking the lazy way out! (The previous owner).

  2. Erin

    Seriously!! It’s coming off in little quarter-inch chunks now, due to the stinking paint. Grrr.

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