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My Target Audience

NaNoWriMo certainly has inspired me to write. I hit my 50,000 word mark on the 13th, I believe, but am only two-thirds of the way through the story. [..]

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Looking for Something to Read?

I’ve been pleasantly surprised to mind myself doing a huge amount of reading these last few months, after a “reading hiatus” of nearly a decade. – The nook [..]

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The Awkward Holiday List Post

For convenience’s sake, I typically put my holiday wish list on my blog. This year, I am also making some recommendations for special gifts you might like to [..]

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Time Marches Unrelentingly On

On the drive to work, I pass a multitude of really cool barns, some of which are more than a century old. I love them, and I keep [..]

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Piriformis, Piliform, Whatever.

My doctor is fantastic. I love him. In this age during which many physicians seem obsessed with getting in and getting out as quickly as possible, this guy takes [..]

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Yoga, Part Next

I am mindful that my little seeker brain hunts for new things to adore, exhausts them and moves on to the next target. It’s been my modus operandi [..]

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Should the Federal Government Stop Funding Public Broadcasting?

This morning on my too, too early Saturday commute to work, I had National Public Radio on (as I tend to have on 99% of the time when [..]

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